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Volcanologist who works on volcanoes in Iceland and Chile.


Been working in Iceland for 33 years on a range of projects including: magma mixing; rhyolite geochemistry; physical volcanology of rhyolite and basalt volcano-ice interactions; Ar-Ar dating of Pleistocene rhyolite eruptions; volatiles in rhyolite eruptions; cooling fractures in lavas meeting ice, snow, and water.

Been working in Chile for past 3 years on a relatively unknown volcano – Quetrupillan. And in 2001 worked on my first Chilean volcano – Nevados de Chillan.

Currently co-supervising four PhD students

Have also worked on Scottish granites, written book chapters on volcanism at the ancient Ben Nevis and Glen Coe volcanoes in Scotland, and written a few papers on the Carbon isotope systematic of carbonaceous chondrites.


Posted April 11, 2012 by davemcgarvie

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  1. I love your blog! what a fantastic resource!

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